November 2006

When Chronic Pain Strikes: Natural Health

heart health coverWhen chronic pain strikes, it doesn't have to mean the end of life as you know it. An integrative treatment approach, as outlined in this feature, can help bring relief. Available for reprint.

October 2006

Listen to Your Heart: Body+Soul

heart health coverAny illness that kills a third of American women is serious business for all of us. Whether you're 18, 38, or 68, this holistic heart-disease prevention plan will help you beat the odds. Available for reprint.

Saving Place: Rodale's Yoga Life

eco tips coverIn the day-to-day shuffle of life, saving the planet often takes a backseat to more immediate demands. Here, six easy ways to get started. Available for reprint.

Cause and Effect: 02138

heart health coverMeet Joan Hornig, a former Wall Street executive turned upscale jewelry designer. The philanthropic twist? She funnels 100 percent of her profits to educational charities throughout the nation. Available for reprint.

September 2006

Stressing Yourself Sick: ABA Journal

stress coverThis feature, written for the American Bar Association's national magazine, shows the legal profession how making some meaningful changes in your lifestyle and work style can help your health - and save your life.

June 2006

Smart Desserts: Martha Stewart Living

desserts coverGreat-tasting layer cake, chocolate pudding and more - each made more healthful. Find out how in this "Fit to Eat" column.

Tropical Turnabout: Yoga Journal

coconut oil coverAlthough the humble coconut has long been a staple of traditional Southern Indian cuisine, in the West it's been seen as a pariah: high in saturated fat and, therefore, bad for our hearts. But it turns out that the Indians may have been right, as this news piece explains.

Beyond Sunblock: Body+Soul

running + mood coverThere's more to stopping skin cancer than just creams and screeenings - prevention starts long before you arrive at the beach. This feature demystifies sun blocks, plus shows how what you eat - from spices to green tea - can help protect you, too. Available for reprint.

May 2006

Hybrid Healing: Yoga Life (Rodale)

running + mood coverWhether you're fighting off a cold or something more serious, your best move may be a blend of mainstream and alternative medical approaches. Where East meets West, you get well. Available for reprint.

Helping Hyptertension: Alternative Medicine

running + mood coverAccording to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Association, nearly one-third of Americans suffer from hypertension. The good news? A dose of daily hibiscus tea appears to ease mild hypertension the same way many anti-hypertensive drugs do -- without harmful side effects. Available for reprint.

April 2006

Music for Every Moment: Martha Stewart Weddings

photography coverNothing stirs the heart like music. This feature explains how to choose the songs that will underscore the most important day of your life.

March 2006

The Runner's High: Runner's World

running + mood cover

Got the blues? This short feature, part of the magazine's annual Mind+Body special issue, shows how running can boost your mood. Available for reprint.

February 2006

Oh Yes, You Can: Every Woman

canned foods cover

If you're like most people, you use canned foods from time to time. Sure, they're convenient, but are they healthy, too? This feature explores how the can's contents really stack up against fresh and frozen. Available for reprint.

Healthy From the Inside Out: Body+Soul

inflammation cover

How best to ensure good overall health? Take care of chronic inflammation, the precursor to many of the most serious threats. From food to fitness, this simple lifestyle plan will help. Available for reprint.

Hiring a Photographer: Martha Stewart Weddings

photography coverWhom will you trust with the important task of capturing your wedding day memories? Here's how to choose with confidence.